Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm really hyped to present our newest members of the brigade....fresh out the gate

she's mad fly....super ill and an around the way girl to boot....she can hit the blunt and do her make-up @ the same time ....while singing along to fantastic 2...she like dunks, beer, hip-hop, lipstick, smell goods, good bud, and alot of different kinds of aminals (and she's very family oreinted)

Jessica ya'll.....
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Match made in heaven....

We see you mama!


Another beacon of light....this dude can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves(yeah he's that slick homie)...My nigga is a core-dilla head, a fellow dunk lover, rebel with a cause and a gentleman too....He has a vast knowledge of art, film, fashion. If you ask nigga is a re-incarnation of Martin Luther King Jr, Cesasr Chavez, Che Guavarra, and Mighty Mouse!

Sam 87'
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Here is a quote that'll give you a more in-depth look @ how he rolls....

"I spit fire like ester on sanford and son did...I'm raw duke more juice than want this...You and Jay saying a rhyme...flawless shit fly like MJ in his prime...Off the wall w/ mine I'm grabbin my balls when I rhyme now's bust plus ball all the time now...Stay on yo mind like great ain't know my mind..I'm thinkin bout paychecks...Niggas large like a 8x Avirex jacket...Conant gardens they bust like latex sex packets...Mc's they don't rhyme and ball they lyin to ya' they do all time...Me and my man's is somthin like the source sports..We been gettin money a long time and yours short...we gettin high in back of yo ford....You funny duke...cause really you think you can do me when you roll a 500 that's really a 320...shoulda let somebody else hook it...numbers look king kong shook it...I'm from where niggas bangs @ where they celebrate...that's how they play...don't let it be a holiday...theloneuos niggas...If you touchin us we get you laid back...Show you the definition of a payback"

I think this just got really interesting!


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