Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who ever heard of a commandoe being Soulful.

Us fall off, Nigga never!

There is not much I could say about these cats right here.
(I'm lying)

There is alot I'm going to say about these cats.
Can we kick it?
Yes you can!

Made for ther common man, the hustla, the college kid, the people who makes your fucking frappachinos and green tea lattes (lol, HI best friend)

Shit just seems right.

Prolly one of the most slept on clothing lines to emerge from the 909,They have a very design oriented, fun, style about their line.

NICHOLAS MAYFIELD has made something very simple,straight to the point,and ready for combat,In'a vibrant soulful kinda way.

Coming from going to school and also working mad jobs (6 to be exact) to being basically homeless for 6 months, realizing all his dreams and ambitions he further pursued his dream of doing clothing,saving money and going hard he printed up his first slew of tees and there it was....Soulful Commandoe.

It is now easy to see that his line is in a way a testimony to himself, showing that even in the darkest hour, you can perservere and make it happen.

Now in his reprotire he has prolly the most innovative CutnSew,tees,denim,outerwear,and
hoodies in the streetwear market.


Using the “soldier” as a platform to relay their message, It is clear that they have something to say.
Hailing from Riverside,CA (ALL DAY) music and art play a major role in their clothing (seeing how they both are what make riverside, well Riverside)

Being very huge in the community they currently hold down various skateboarders,dj's, and hip-hop hometown heroes The Uhh (formerly The Pozzers)

Being nationally covered in magazines,websites,blogs, television (Lil wayne loves these niggas, you saw the VMA's right?) you can pick up pieces from all over southern cali now just recently @ Urban Outfitters , They also just released their New Era 59/50 fitted cap, so you can only imagine how geeked they are.

Ladies and Gents,
Here is Soulful Commandoe.

sorry the pics are so small.

If you'd like to see some bigger,nice photos of these pieces.



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