Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I think we just exceeded the norm.

Ek5obition got it right got-dammit.

- E V O L U T I O N -

The right man for the job.
the right time for change.


This is a pivitol point in the history of politics in our nation.Never before has a black man ever been elected president of the united states, Many doubted whether or not Barack Obama would pull thru, or even If his ethics and morals and overall goals for our country would be good enough to rival Senator Mccain's views, But America has decided, and a new face of freedom has emerged victorious and now we can finally say that we can be the change in this country,we can be the voice that gets heard,and we can decide for ourselves who can run this place with a good heart, calm hand, and a mindstate destined for greatness.

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