Friday, November 21, 2008

Ooooo ladies first,ladies first Ooooo Ladies First,Ladies First!


Keeping with the trend of not letting Art and Music be segregated, Next saturday give it up for The Fly Ball and Qmunity Projects as they present....


A all female revue of painters,dj's,artists,b-girls,and those inbetween it celebrates the woman as not only the center piece for change and femeninity but also as the driving force behind the creative realm of a dying artform taking shape.Using this platform to raise money for charity is also something that is commonly taken for granted.To show that we as a people can make change whether small or great is one of the finest gifts we can give.

So get ready as we rock wit some of the best.

(the illest thing about it is that I know MOST of the folk making this event so fire)

so make sure to roll thru and support the ones that support you.

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rissapeace, said...

yikes! my first live painting!