Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You're not thinking FOURTH dimensionally.

I primarily base most of my life off of this film.
my romances.
my triumph.
my faliure.
my fucking awesome personality.
but the main point is that I am Marty McFly.
young, curious, and completly tryna get back home.
That place where it's all familar.
Will you go to the "Enchantment under the sea Ball" with me?
dealing with Biffs all day.
Chillin wit Doc Brown.
Tryna make sure mufuckas hear my music.
"We never get to play for anybody"
and most of all.
Making sure my "future" doesn't look like the alternate 1985.
Where Biff is powerful and corrupt.
and married to my mother.
Now all I have to do is steal back the sports almanac to ensure Jennifer and Einstien are safe and sound.
I really just wish I hadn't of left her on that porch.

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