Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Can someone say "the most slept on b-boy/swagger maker" out there?

uh yeah.

Well not anymore gotdammit.

Everyone, meet Christian Thompson aka(also affectionatly known as Kid Fresh)

Fashion Afficiando,Graffiti vouyer,IE resident,cold rockin the scene, and generally a straight up nice guy, He's the kinda guy that'll take your girl and you'll love him for it,in fact you'll take him and your girl out to eat and not feel like the third wheel.

You might think I'ma tool for saying that but it's true.

We go way back me and this guy (that's kinda funny cause it used to be "these guys")


"I can do it like this, ALL BY MYSELF,what's happnin what's up I don't need no body else"

I knew he had the game locked when I first saw the white jawbreaker all-over print hoodie he did, cause I mean c'mon the shit was fire.

BTW, I'm still in the GLK group circa.late 2005!

Never seeming to lose style or sense or himself, he has brewed a new look for the average joe, NO NOT JOE THE PLUMBER(FUCK THAT NIGGA!) but for the guy who cleans your table @ Applebees, or @ Denny's, or the guy that changes your tires, or the guy who makes ice cream (Funny cause he did that shit too)

So b-boys,mc's,dj's,dilla-heads,Brown Skin Ladies (Due out in early 09') and everyone inbetween.


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rissapeace, said...

lmao corn your crazy! lol
TOOL BOY! i love you best friend!
"Official Hype Man"
fucka laptop this nigga scratches music in his head "Get Like Him!"