Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's hard not to be.

I wrote a new song.

it's called "Lala 143"

Inspired by musiq soulchild's "L is gone" and "143" I came to write a little tune dedicated to my favourite girl.

she gives it to you from a mother's perspective.
and you can't help but agree that it's the triple truth ruth.

If you wanna see the lyrics go here

(I mean just look @ her, brown sugar skin make you wanna holler in and out my life, lips full of kisses soft like valentine's blossom, she lives in my lap, she stay's in the coolest moods, can't put no bumper sticker on a bentley, obama's baby mama)

she essentially is THE PERFECT 10.


LaLa said...

my cup runith over....

your to much hallmark, ty.



omg I so forgot about the bumper sticker hahaha

LaLa said...

ps send me the lyrics cause I can't read em, pls and ty ;)