Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember, Feesh said it.

There are such things like writer's block and designer's cramp. In such situations, we've learned from mentors and peers that we must explore and get some inspiration.

Once you've got some lightbulbs turned on, make it worth your time and actually go through the brainstorming and make the most out of whatever it was that inspired you. (I'm starting to sound more and more like my illustration teacher, but man, he knows what he's talking about... not like most half-assed teachers at Chaffey that I've had so far)

To just think that you can pass off someone else's ideas as your own... not even attempting to branch off of the "inspiration" in your own creative way... Well, to tell it like it is, WHO GIVES A FUCK?

No one.

It doesn't affect anyone but YOURSELF.
It's you're own time wasted to end up with nothing and, at the same time, lowering yourself as an artist/designer.

I'm over and done with all the bite wars and finger pointing. NO ONE is original in today's world... one thing is always going to be inspired by another.
But like I said, its all about USING your inspiration not ABUSING it.

"I sho am glad that none of my ni**as bite homie.
We come hella hard, or we go home.
Nigga we all from the I in the end.
I could name mad mufuckas who try to coin shit of as their own.
but I ain't going to.
cause the proof is in the pudding.
the sprinkles are on the donuts.
and the frosting is covering the cupcake".


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