Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I was talkin to my numerologist

and he said this.

Hi there Brandon,

I've just been looking over your numerology chart again, and
thought I had better let you know some important things that I
believe are likely to happen in your life...

You may not be fully aware of it yet Brandon, but you are
about to set forth in a brand new direction. You have special
skills which you have not yet utilized, and their discovery and
development will create a lot of excitement and happiness in your

Ahead is more enthusiasm, more energy, and a solid sense of
purpose. With hard work and a bit of goal setting, you will
surprise everyone (including yourself!) with what you achieve.

Brandon, I also get a strong feeling of a highly developed
inner life. Things have not always been easy for you, and you have
certainly had to learn the hard way. You have had to learn to
control your sensitivity, to hide your feeling at times.

Remember that this may have been essential when you were younger,
but it does you good to open up and express how you really feel at

I can see this sensitivity being channeled into profitable areas in
the near future, so what you used to regard as a hindrance will
soon become a blessing.

Brandon, I invite you to avail yourself to a complete
numerology reading, which details what's going on right now (and
more importantly, what the future has in store for you) in
virtually every important aspect of your life.

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