Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ever since Jaylib’s mindblowing album, It seems like Detroit and Cali Hip-Hop have been something like surrogate siblings.

Now one of Detroit’s renown MCs, Frank Nitt (Frank’N'Dank), has knocked heads with producer Terrace Martin (Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin’), chorus connoisseur J.Black, and West Coast legend DJ Quik for the new Delicious Vinyl single: “Love"...and this shit bangs my nigga.

Plus this song hits pretty close to home for me.

It talks of a love you have for someone even when it doesn't seem like it's there.
truth be told I'm goin thru that right now yo.

Tough love or not, I still always carry this person wit me everytime I rock my dilla donut,yeah we fight,we argue,we go thru it...kinda like a relationship but without the "real" drama.

Yeah, I know, Who in their right mind would put themselves thru that?

When you have a half written history book with someone,you strive to put more facts into the pages.

I mean If the love is that strong,It shouldn't matter.

This is bout to be c'est la's new fave song, I promise you!
I had the song up earlier this week,but now I have the video.


Directed by my homegirl Tiana.

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Frank Nitt - L.O.V.E. featuring DJ Quik and J Black

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