Friday, September 25, 2009

Circa 1996. Howdoyousayhisname?

I was in the 6th grade fresh in Sunnymead Middle School hittin the books and being the guy everyone knew,I remember the first time I ever heard Jamiroquai, I was at at home when I heard the neighbor blasting this song and I all I heard was this smooth jazz with a piano riff,ill basslines and dope drums,when I heard it I flipped out cause only tribe had shit like that,It didn't even sound like the singer had a accent,but you only heard it on tv and shit,but it was soooo ill.

Fast forward a month and BAM,POW,WHAM the all new Virtual Insanity video emerged and it was a wrap.Using intricate dance glides and nifty nimble footwork, Jay Kay mimicking MJ something nasty,the floor took on a stater bros persona moving in every which way,adding an unforgettable dance sequence to make this one of the illest videos of all time.

Traveling without Moving was simply an amazing album,taking hella diverse sonic and natural elements of music creating a new genre within so many others to not even be a genre anymore,I was truly a fan before I ever saw them live,very rare that ever happend,specially for being in the 6th grade too.

I must say my fave records off this one are "Cosmic Girl", "Alright","Use the Force", "High Times" and "Drifting Along".All the tracks on this album are fucking ill.

in fact here's the video for "Cosmic Girl".

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