Monday, September 28, 2009

I ain't leavin.

Well maybe I have a few reasons.

just a few.

We've had a give and take relationship for a year now,she gives me love,hate,thoughts,emptiness,passion,a piece of mind,and sometimes nothing at all.

and I love it.

I've never loved anything negative about a woman,ever,and idk how she gets a pass,but she does,and I love it.

I sometimes find myself asking "why did she delete her myspace?" and "why is she with him?" and "why isn't she with me?" and the more I think about the questions,I already know the answer.

She is her,all the time,she coulda said "fuck him" a long time ago and instead of me trying to fit her mold,I let her build a mold around me of what she is with all of her imperfections.

I always want her to be in my life because at the end of the day she loves me more than anyone else knows how to.

The light in the dark times,the night when the sun sleeps,and the air that leaves me breathless when she is near.

"Let us love until life has subsided,and even thereafter".

-get like me

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