Thursday, September 24, 2009

she put me up on sex and the city.

Having never seen an entire whole episode before,I must say that as a man who is into flash drives,turntables,and good beer,Sex and the City is the motherfucking shit homie.


Hear me out,hear me out

The show is not your common variety sitcom bullshit,it's actually pretty funny if you know what the fuck they're talkin about,it is literaly about Sex - and - the - city,using 4 middle aged hot women to portray something that is real and unapprecitiated such as the relationships and adventures they got thru in the illest place ever,New York City,From a guys perspective (or from mine anyways) IT is all about Samantha!


Played by Kim Cattrell,she is a beast homie,she's just like a guy but with a vagina and a grip of fly outfits, handbags and shit.In one episode she meets a gay latina who is a artist/painter and just to see what it do,she links up wit ol girl for the challenge,now if you know me I am not to fond of girl/girl,it creeps me out cause I'm expecting a dick to come in at any moment,but idk,it's kinda sexy to see two beautiful older women seeing what's good,being so much like a guy she can't stand goin down on her,all they did was take baths and talk,just like most women want to do,but when some dude she get it in with shows up at her crib at 3 in the morning,her girl flips out,but not before samantha stated "All we do is talk,the talking in our relationship has replaced the fucking in our fucking relationship, LOL,fuckin classic ye cause that's somethin a nigga would say.

To say the least Carrie is the mufuckin shit yo.Simple and cool,fresh to death and she got a ill show,the thing I like about her is that she asks alot of questions,she is funny as shit,and she asked her jazz bf to play her like a bass,fuckin A.

fellas do yourself a favor and peep game on this show,cause it is not gay to step outside your existance and learn something about a women,something that your mom hasn't shown you neither.

with that said,I'ma roll a blunt and go watch the last episode of the season 4!

I just hope I'm not breaking any laws blogging about this,LMAO.

-get like me

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