Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something told me to write this but I wasn't sure how I was,
seeing how I just got my new babygirl,my apple Ibook,she looks and performs like a champ,basically however god has allowed her to,but I just wanted to extend my love and admiration for everyone I fucks wit on the regular,having to with music,fashion,and everywhere in between.

This journey leading up to this point has been bumpy in it's nature but has not diverted myself or any of my counterparts from faltering like the rest,Having no steady income or items of major value except my laptop (which I bought offa Craigslist for a cool $100 bucks) I am continued to be blessed by the waking of another day,sure I am a dj with no standard equipment or accessories but still,to be able to do what I can do and do it well is a blessing in itself,to be surrounded by people who support and believe in me is all that I can ever ask for.

I know that god has plans for all of us and I do pray whatever my calling or destiny is on this earth that it show it's light shine to me when I need it the most.

Even when times seem to be one misappropriation after another I constantly have to remind myself that tomorrow is not promised and there is nothing in this life that I can take with me when I am called to the lords army,I can only hope memories fill my soul leaving imprints of the people I knew while I was here on this earth.

So this is a thank you,Thank you for letting me be myself,again.

-Corny Collins

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