Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby I just wanna feed you.

In recent memory I was diagnosed with a rare form of fetishism called Femalefoodophelia, which is the unique observation and admiration of women while they eat their food, thus causing me to be aroused, both mentally and physically.

sounds like a curse right?


I've actually learned to live with this ailment quite surprisingly, but with my adaptation of it all,I had no one to attribute my vice to, no one to put the blame on,and every time I thought about it, the finger pointed in the same direction.

It pointed to her.

This is Diana, I am so uncertain of her ethnicity I could give a fuck less, even if she was green with horns and a orange bill, she would be the cutest little green horned orange billed no race card havinest girl on the block.

We had been "myspace" friends for a while now, but somehow even with her being from the charger town, I have felt a very ill connection with her, unsure of what that was I let it simmer inside me for all this time until I could accurately pinpoint why I see her the way I do.

and then it hit me.

She is the reason for my Femalefoodophelia.

she is the culprit.

call the cops you say?
inform the proper authorities you cry out?


For the longest time I can remember her snapping just about every meal in full detail, complete with the biggest smile you ever did see.

She enjoys portable, on the go, snack meals.

Meals that are snacks, but meal enough to fill you up with enough energy to be Diana.
so classy.

The idea of having a snackmeal with this woman is more and more a vision in the not so distant future, other than food, she is blessed with a very ill sense of humor, cute cheek structure, a aphrodite-esque shape, in which all pleasantries attached to her other dudes deem her "worth", I just see as bonus pieces.

As easy as it would be for me to link her to you guys.

Somethings I'd so much rather keep all to myself.

you? me? let's do lunch? cornbread for dessert?

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