Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HEY, there's more to a woman than a vagina.

The stereotypical duties of a wife are to Cook, Clean, have a vagina and cook.

This was not the case two sundays ago.

It marked a new time, a new era, women did what men could do, and they did pretty much completely better.

Visually it was beautiful, live art was more than just provided, it was given.
Rissacupcake and Gspot always make the best team when it comes to painting, they put their all into it.

On the Femcee tip, we were blessed with the vocal stylings of miss Kandi Cole and Miss Bliss.
Both exceptional at their skill on the mic, they brought a delivery that even Jean Grae ain't up on yet.

First time host Nancyest was a host's host, a woman with not only alot to say but with a pretty poem to spit.

There was love, cupcakes, clothing and accessories provided by IstayBrandeD and Cupcakes to Soften yo hustle and above all a sheer reminder to all the dudes in attendance that a woman is more than a housewife.

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NayCake said...

i want a cupcake rosary baaad...she never replies to meh =/