Monday, October 12, 2009

The Lions Den is where the beasts is.

The thing about us in this #IE hip hop is that we don't stop moving,we keep your head nodding and your mind questioning.

With that said don't sleep on The Lions Den, one of the few hip hop shows left still producing a good awareness about the culture and the raw rare form of the MC.

Performing live Oct 18th Shapeshifters, Freestyle fanatic Can-i-bus, and Lootpack mc Wildchild.

Also holdin down a performance is longtime myspace homie's the Rhyme Addicts.

Bringin the noise like always, my man's the intellegent,elegant elephant Noa James is holdin the job of Master of Ceremonies.

This is sure to be a great night indeed.

If you need more info,Peep game.

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