Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Paper Chase Tuesdays.

When I was at J.Edwards house I was looking at one of my fave blogs Rissapeacespeaks.blogspot.com, I couldn't help but ponder a paper cupcake, so I mentioned to both parties and by the divine grace of god,We have "Cupcakes to soften yo Paper chase".

Now I am not saying this was my idea or will I attempt to take creditation for this wonderful paper toy,but I will praise the creaation and the creators of this mos def, I remember when I first saw the template for it, I couldn't believe that it was finally gonna be a reality.

Hot off her "Soft Hustles for Everyone" Tour with GLK Clothing, Miss Mccool has slang sweets all over the IE makin sure everybody don't lose faith in spite of our dwindling economy, she has reminded us all that we need something weet for our soul to make us whole!

A local celebrity on the corny collins show Papermatez has built yet another fine paper masterpiece.

"Baby,even tho I'm on this paper chase,we still got time to cupcake".

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