Friday, March 19, 2010

She Loves her Cornbread Vol 1.

"Future funk for the average madame" - ▲FTA1

I know this post is prolly irrelavant and hella outdated, but who gives a fuck? Good music is good music right? So with that said I present to you my masterpiece or imperfections She Loves her Cornbread Vol 1. mixed by none other than me, Corny Collins also known as Dj cornBREEZE.

Blending and cutting the 3 major reigons including Detroit, IE and LA, I used influential artists that either have already reached red carpet status or are just about to be livin it up on the scene as the NEXT 1000, either way, these songs were grouped together to promote a not so utilized ideal: LOVE, so while you might feel like it's too much to take in, breathe deep, smoke and all, and kick your feet back, and
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


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