Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You want these Sloppy Seconds.

Clearly this post is WAAAAAAAAAAY overdue, (My bad bro)

You can place Nicky D's with practically any rapper out in the market right now and say he's iller. Coming from a place that has bred so many other ill musicians makin moves (Dre Biggity, Mc Speak, Pheo, Afta 1, Nevi Nev and Stevie Crooks) He is ready and willing to show not just the IE but the world, he's "tryna get the money like Nas's intro".

Fresh off his first mixtape "The Uncommon Compilation" which featured more original songs and production than any other mixtape I had ever heard before, complete with skits, witty punchlines and even harder beats, Even calling this a mixtape is blasphemous considering the nature and sound of it, It's clearly a compilation.

Now we are here, Sloppy Seconds, take a listen, light something up, and enjoy.

Get your Sloppy Seconds.....

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