Saturday, May 08, 2010

Paper to the People.

Papermatez Urban Origami is possibly the single most creative concept I have been able to get a in depth look at in my life, Using the most organic of materials, Jevon Edwards aka KEEP has used a 500 year old artform to replicate little miniature action paper toys using the likeness of various fashion and music lifestyles.

*NOTE that each and every papermate are completely 100% made from paper and have their OWN pair of Custom Nike Dunks (Some of these are so ill, they haven't been released yet)

Collaborating with clothing lines such as Eksobition Co, Barely Broke Intellects, 24/7 Habliliments, The Publics, GLK Clothing, Dimepiece, and also streetwear head honcos like The Hundreds and UNDFTD has put him ahead of the curve.

Here is a look at Papermatez Origami

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