Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Watch me flip this TV.

Black Cloud Emcee/Producer Curtiss King and High Power Movement
Producer Jansport J have done it again!!! As if Curtiss’s
3rd place standing in one of the most prestigious producer battles
in the circut wasn’t a testiment to his talent, he has once again managed
to gain nationwide attention via twitter with help of some well noted friends.

At the beginning of last week Curtiss released a “Family Matters” tv
theme flip via twitter for free download in the hopes of recieving
some constructive feedback. Little did he know the frenzy that would
instantaneously errupt amongst twitter followers and producers alike.

Within 10 minutes of the release he had requests from fellow producers
A3, Jansport J, Dibia$e (2010 LA Red Bull Big Tune Champ), Captain (LA
Red Bull Big Tune Runner up) and Pal Slaps (2010 LA Red Bull Big Tune
Contestant ) to send them any open TV themes he had that they
themselves could flip and upload. 48 hours later 25 TV themes were
flipped by various producers all over California with the exception of
East Coast producer Thelonious Martin. After such a huge response
from twitter and a spot on a German blog site Jansport J suggested the group compile any theme flips that were posted into a beat tape. Volume 1 of “TV Themes Flipped” is now available for free download.


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