Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FORM, is here.

"The vision for this and all future works is to transcend the idea of being a “producer” and really any title that we as creators limit ourselves to. True love for art lies in the freedom to exist and create freely through whatever medium feels right. To acknowledge that the only boundaries ever present, are the ones we put up ourselves. F O R M, like LOVE, is infinite. That being true, I was inspired to create a piece of art inclusive of more than one sensory dimension. Something to see, something to touch, something to keep, a physical interpretation of the same LOVE energy that created the music"… - Afta-1

100 cassettes tapes, dubbed and hand designed 1 by 1, with original cover art painted on 36″x48″ canvas, then cut into 100 4″ x 4″ cassette inserts. Giving each cassette buyer a one of a kind, 1/100th of the original painting (Painting to be revealed in its entirety at a later date).

Ltd. Edition Cassette Tape

Digital Cop

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