Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My life revisited: More Fire.


It coulda been like any other night, March 1st, 2010. I would go to the monday massacre of sound that is More Fire and dance my life away. Yeah, I did opening sets before which I will forever rememebr until I die, But this time was different, special. I was there as a guest dj, a title I had only dreamed about, was finally about to become my reality, and personally, I KILLED that shit.

here's my set.

as you can see I tried to mix up the variety ALOT, IE, LA, party cuts, and a few random bangers here and there.



but all in all the thrill of playing there was absolutely nothing without the presence of all the people who supported me the most, the list is long s fuck, which is why I'ma shout them out:


Noa James, Lesa J, Bree, Renee, C'est La Vie, Natalia, Monique, Maya, Leslie, Adrian and Dinner.


and of course my then girlfriend (She's my wife now) Dyna (also known as @Tha_Dynasty) It was such a joy to have my lady there just because it was the first time she really saw me dj like I never have before, at the place I had wanted to the WAY I wanted to for so long, To top it off, my good buddy Roial 1 handed me $100 at the end of the night and said "You killed that shit sir".

I will carry that with me forever.

Of course we ended the night at Alberto's for a couple of Cali Burritos.

sigh, perfection.

Extra special shoutout to the whole More Fire Collective: Erok, Juice, Red Beef, Gabe Real, Ron Lee, Lathon, Kerry, and the staff and barkeeps at Sevilla's Nightclub and Bistro.




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