Monday, June 28, 2010

A Sunday unlike any other.

So the wife and I thought to ourselves "Let's go do something", so we got up, got dressed and ventured into the 805 for some quality time near the beachshore, in light of the Van's Warped tour, As much as I assumed that shit was gonna be crazier than a nuthouse rat, things were pretty chill, We started out our day at Del Taco, 4 59. tacos, some macho fries and a medium Cherry coke really know how to hit that hunger crave right in the jugular.

Then she suggested that we swing by Ceria and chill for a bit with our people from Epslion Project. Overall it was an amazing event with great people, good food & of course great music. Emanon killed it with a very entertaining dance performance which included a special choreographed dance routine specifically for Mike Posner who was the special guest artist. Some of the likes who also came thru included Medaphoar, WildChild, Mikiwar from The MikiDz Show, Epsilon Project, DJ Relyt (holding down the decks) & TLR Clothing/LA Mrkt. Summer was officially here!

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