Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is Me Gusta.

The Dynamic Duo is back with a whole slew of new fortified future funk for the masses, These guys are totally my steelo, beats that make you feel you're inside a video game rockin a Charlotte Hornets snapback, w/ a Pizza Hut crewneck fresh from the thrift store, I been rockin wit em since the beginning of 08 and it's safe to say that these cats are not gonna stop dropping heat.

So do whatever you can to get this music in your life, drop it in your Ipod, macbook, or your old macintosh and blast it!

MΞ G∇$T▲ M∇©H☮


Me Gusta - Her


Rhianna "Rude Boy" Me Gusta Remix
Rude Boy (Me Gusta Remix)


"What Were You Doing There"
Me Gusta - What Were You Doing There?


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