Thursday, July 08, 2010


Nicky D's is
back with one more single off of his upcoming album Consistency before
it releases on July 18th. After releasing Ice Cold Beverage featuring
ev4n holt, Authentic returns to a simpler time in Hip Hop we commonly
refer to as the golden age. Using the same sample Biggie did on Sky's
The Limit, producer DECA-1 flips a previously unused vocal portion that
screams out "Oh, how long?" while 17 year old Nicky D's utilizes that
section to pose the question, "How long has it seriously been since
something real has been released?". Most would say it's been a while but
Authentic puts an end to the drought of authenticity in today's most
appealing genre. Consistency, the album fully produced by DECA-1, will
release on July 18th for free download.

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