Thursday, August 26, 2010

They make the ladies C'est.

Gentlemen by nature (So much in fact, willing to go the extra mile to have a female dj) lover's of ladies all across the land, Tomorow Yesterday has dropped their newest musical project entitled "Ladie's Album" filled with rhymes and stories about life's greatest joy: A woman. From your baby mama to your mama to your mama's mama, they can relate to what Yep and TiE connect together in lyrics, produced entirely by IE beat battle champion The A3, your head nod will match your keen curiosity while partaking in this album, Just recently having garnered press from heavy hitter .coms such as Okayplayer, 2 Dope Boyz and a host of others, this group is well on their way to bringing back a essence of hip hop that had been lost for so long.

<a href="">To...From... by Tomorrow, Yesterday</a>

1. To…From… 01:50
2. Ladies Night 04:19
3. Reminder 04:27
4. She It 03:52
5. Treat Em 03:37
6. Fight 03:34
7. Anything 03:45
8.Here We Go 03:03
9. Lights Off 02:33


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Sondria said...

just downloaded...late as fuck! hahahaha...i'll always trust your musical sensibility.