Tuesday, October 05, 2010

93033 shit.

Having had the opprotunity to get to know these cats (and flash my handsome mug in the video a few times, Shout out Glamorous Living Kids) I am proud to consider them as friends. Epsilon Project is the future of hip hop. Undeniably they bring back what is all together lost when it comes to the artform, celebrating the Dj, Mc, B-boy and graffiti artist, Together with Preme who produced the remix for this video, these 5 mc's including the one dj have channeled the essence of a generation of what die hard fans only know thru memory, Directed by Unxpect (1/5 of Epsilon) featuring cameo's from some of the 805's rising talent (Astro, Cross, Bone Solyd, Mc Purpose, Kwoda, Preme, and Baby Boogaloo of Future Funk) and veteran all stars (Wildchild, Dopamine Rush) this video is the pinnacle of why the 805 hip hop scene is probably the rawest and purest ones left, so Get Live, Turn it up and enjoy.

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