Thursday, October 07, 2010

Real Live Shit.

Women have been given a bad rap (LOL, get it) for the better part of their existence. "You can't do this, you can't do that, Of course you'll never understand what it' like to be a man, let alone dress a man". FUCK WHATCHA HEARD, Honey T Pot's Bree and Gizelle have done away with the status quo "tooth and cheek" mentality that streetwear has philosiphized over for years: That men's clothing is only made by male design counterparts. What separates them from the norm is that make threads for the beat heavy individual, the producer, the beatsmith, the man who lays the foundation for which the rhyme is laid over. Using the MPC as their canvas, they translate key catch phrases into wearable art that speaks right back to the street, having fitted some of the best in the game including Brainfeeder's own Ras_G, Alpha Pup's Dibia$e and P.U.D.G.E, Also utilizing their love for Mary Jane (Which is a beat head's favorite girl) J Dilla, sneakers and lipstick, these two ladies are well on their way to creating a place where the women make the beats and the men wash the clothes.

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