Friday, October 01, 2010

Til infinity homie.

Usually known as a rapper, Nicky D's has decided to come out and show everyone the production side of his musical endeavors. The concept of the project was to record the journey of his life while being the age of 16 (all of the instrumentals were made throughout that year long period of time). Consider each beat a different chapter in a story, as they capture the different moods and feelings he was experiencing. There are 7 composed instrumentals and 9 sampled instrumentals, which represents his birth date 7/9/1993. The title was also used as a tribute to the classic Souls of Mischief album and song. The vocal tags and sound effects were not just placed to prevent stealing, but to also capture a bit of nostalgia, as they were taken and cut up from 1990's Nickelodeon commercials. If anyone would to like to inquire on receiving a tagless version of any instrumental, contact Nicky D's at NickyDsOK [at] gmail . com

<a href="">Infinity Til 93 by Nicky D's</a>

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