Saturday, December 25, 2010

We pushing Clothes like weight.

What is a hustler? A man who uses his resources to make a legitimate legal income to support his family.

Barely Broke Intellects clothing/lifestyle brand has completely and utterly embodied the ideal/concept of a hustler. Using fabrics, buttons, thread and needles, a sewing machine, strong design asthetic, a vast knowledge of fashion and culture, Rick Montano has been the brain child moving a brand created by the people, lived thru the people, and rightfully placed in the hands of the people.

Along with co-founders Demontre Norwood and Darron Ayres they have created a movement not focused on the riches or the fame, but simply the mental intellectualism that we all possess.

This video Directed by The Dean, Narrated by Darron Ayres tells the tale of the grind, the so seemingly coincidental comparison to legal drug trafficking, moving weight from the corner to the customer, never not once not looking around you for enevitable danger from john q lawmen and officers of the Fontana Police department. With brilliant cameos from Epic, Da Realist, Nana Lynae, Celphi and Ricoi Ayres, Please pay attention to the message of this document to the future of urban apparel, "Dress Accordingly".

Barely Broke Intellects from BaseRock TV on Vimeo.

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