Sunday, October 19, 2008

They look good enough to eat.


Taking the true meaning of craftmanship to another level, The Cupcake hustle holdin down the high desert has made these one of a kind cupcake pendents straight from the oven. They are sweet looking as they are ill.There is a movement being baked and served to every around the way girl and the rightful suspects responsible for this movement has to be The Cupake Buffers crew reppin the NY and LA area. United by graffiti,lipstick,mom's good looks,b-girl tendencies,and a unrelentless sheer keen fashion sense,there is nothing puttin a hex on the queens of the kitchen. To think that something as small as a cupcake can evoke change to a community destined to be hard and tough,grimey and gaud, It seems to these ladies,softening one's hustle is a piece of cake.

real recognize real.
buck buck buck!

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