Saturday, January 31, 2009

I just don't get it.

How does one go from feeling having everything to feeling like losing it all?
I don't know about you but was this life meant to be lived like this?

love came and went.
goin stag all the time.
the friend zone.
myspace deletions.
and then comes the absolute exilation.

something tells me we have reached our maximum pathetic level for the year.

I mean everyone has the right to be happy right?
share the better half of their life with someone worth it?

Since we are in agreeance, I now have a new outlook on the whole dating thing.

(Love is only as strong as the person who accepts it, I mean sure, it took a swagger jacker to come in between, but If you are weak, then it's impossible for one to love something so strong)

Time is of the essence.

Ideologies aside, more and more I find myself wanting to be happy for everyone else all the time, and continually put my feelings to side.
and trust me I am, When two people find each other happiness is displayed.

It's a trip, sometimes I feel like my ability to mix two records together will somehow conform and pack up her shit just like the rest.

I mean, why stick around?

music is only as important as being able to play it for someone and making them listen.

But remember not everyone is willing to listen with their hearts.

So whoever you got.

hold onto em.


closer than ever before.

Cause you never know when love will slip out of your fingers!


LaLa said...

This is really sad, why is this making me feel so sad? You never write shit like this...what's up?


RaLphie.Onix said...

This is a really deep entry, I don't know you...But I feel this and I love the way it was written.