Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing in skirts can be trusted!

Ghetto Rock did it once wit the Dilla tee but they takin it to a whole nother level wit this one.

Their philosophy is so exact and on point.

If you feel the same way then I suggest you cop one.


Trust Nothing in Skirts! It's pretty self explanatory, High resolution over-sized print from top to bottom. These tees are on their last pressing and they are putting these away for good, this design was executed by Felix Ortiz ( Ortiz Chicago, IL).
Extra crispy!

Sizes: Small-3X

Colorways: Black Charcoal Red

Get them while you can on their Online Store, for a special "Retirement" price $25.


LaLa said...

owww I like this!

luna, solar, ardiente y frio, repentino said...

naw, naw! i'm completely trustworthy!

leilanie said...

am i reading this shirt wrong or is it pretty female bashy? interesting concept though, but def not a shirt i'd wear if i'm a male expecting females to holler.