Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 dope mc's,one common ground.

The Common Ground is a metaphor for like minded individuals who might not see eye to eye or share the same ideology to come to a half agreement and meet somewhere in the middle to share a common interest.

Noa James and Art Barz are two mc's that don't need a common ground,they already both agree that they're the hungriest in the IE, and they proved it last sunday night @ the vibe.
Art Barz performing songs off of his mixtape "Dying to Live" ripped the stage like a true lyricist, weaving a story of how we are dying to live for a paycheck.
Da Realist brought his A-game on sunday as well, spitting the roughest lyrics I had prolly ever heard at the Common Ground, along with local battle legend Aires, he moved the crowd ina way that has never been done before, and he's just gettin started.

Noa James, always the showstopper performed hits off of his newest album "Sounds of a Monster", personally Happy Villian's Day is my fave song off the album, that track hold so much passion and is the anthem for the #MOMF movement we have goin on,a movement wholeheartedly pushed by IE mc Stevie Crooks.

Many retweeted but only a select few of true homies, artists, and supporters really made the effort to support these musicians. It was a ill night indeed, faces old/new made the place glow, and all you heard was "MASK ON MUTHAFUCKA". Big ups so everyone who made it to the Common Ground, and much love to Kid Fresh from GLK for the illest cinematography in the land.

"Tonight, everyone's gettin a black and white picture, everyone!" - Chris Thompson

-get like me.

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