Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't play the game if you don't know the rules!

College is alot of things, most importantly IT'S A PARTY all of the time,more recently the truth about college was brought out by a indie/mainstream rapper named Asher Roth, who's tale of school and term papers was cleverly thwarted by the keg stands and not passing out with your shoes, Rewind to before asher even got signed and you're on location at The University of Redlands where Roger Avery is directing indie cult college classic "The Rules Of Attraction".

Filmed almost entirely on campus,this movie features an all start cast including James Van der Beek,Jessica Biel,Shannon Sossamon,Eric Stoltz,Ben Savage,Clifton Collins Jr. and Kate Bosworth.This film is so ill because it portrays the complete innerworkings of college life,parties,drugs,sex,and cancelled art classes. The opening credits are mind blowing because they are run completely backwards,as much is the film is played in reverse,it really gives you the feeling like you're there goin thru it too with these charcters.

Some of the funniest and most influental scenes are the ones that involve parties,drugs,and sex (I mean hey c'mon,it's the best part) but then again it also shows another side,The Rules Of Attraction,the pursuit of one another,the one's we want but can never have,the things we pine for, oh yes there are rules to this game of attraction,I can remember I've ALWAYS been attracted to what I could never have,but does that I mean I quit? FUCK NO, I just fall back, and let whatever I desire find me, however long it takes, cause patience to me is defined as wating for something good to happen to you, it's like all things, it justs take time, but who's not to say that the ride there wating isn't as fun.

Which is why this film is so related to so many people,other than the storyline,this would be the perfect movie to smoke a blunt to,it'll open your mind about cinema and all the fucked up things that can happen,cause someone had to go thru it to write some shit like this.

rent it, buy it, download it illegally, whatever you do, make sure you see this masterpiece,or ol boy down this is gonna skull fuck you!

"Kyle: Now c'mon man,you need me?"

"Clifton:Now get this straight shit head,I don't need you,I need you like I need a asshole on my elbow,right here,A ASSHOLE"!

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