Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue you're my boy!

Wasn't it tho,I never could of thought that one summer could be so dope and so full of shit at the same time.It was turning into my opinion the perfect summer for the IE as far as music and fashion was concerned,but waking up everyday literaly to twitter saying a celebrity has passed away has blowed more than trees ona sunday.

We lost some greats this time,and as the days pass,we're gonna lose more,Even though death is apart of life,it is very important we celebrate each other like it's the last time were gonna see one another.

A day never passes by me that I don't think of my best friend Tiajhor,more now than ever I think about him,I think about how talented he was when it came to music,he could spit better than alot of cats we on right now,I can't even front but I'm proud to say he was better than Noa James on the mic (sorry noa), and even more unbelievable,He was better than alot of the producers that are in the Common Ground beat battles,YEAH I SAID IT,but other than that,he was the funniest guy you ever wanted to meet,your day could be fucked,beat to 10 shades of shit and he could say something to make you ghost all of that, and it saddens me that he never got that shot like we all have to change the landscape of IE hip-hop that we all seem to be comfortable with but still want more for.It was because of him,he is the reason why I make sure that even when I'm not spinning,people know I am as a person,because it might not be until forever til the next time you meet someone named "cornbreeze".

I love you Tigg,and you will always be in my heart,mind,and soul,you were the reason why dilla made so much sense to me,I miss you,and I love you!

To pay homage is one of life's biggest forms of flattery,so here is a special "REST IN POWER" to a few people we lost this year who have inspired people to be more than what they felt they were.

Mr. Ed McMahon

Dj Roc Raida

Patrick Swayze


Micheal Jackson

Steve McNair

Farrah Fawcett

Baatin Glover from Slum Village

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