Monday, September 28, 2009

need em.

Alexandra Cassaniti
has just made me erect (hopefully Alexandra isn't a boys name) They are the shit,not only do they look like a very ill gasd-esqe collab in design, the Face It sunglasses also change colors in the sun,YUP,when you're out on the rooftop of your favorite hotel breakin necks at that electro inspired pool party,your specs instantly go from $$ green to Pussy pink,there shades are just what I needed this summer,too bad I was stuck getting jacked for all my other dope pairs,all is well,I'll get em back,and we'll be together forever.

until then,marvel at these ones,but don't worry,these will be on my face in no time soon,waiting for you to try to steal em

If you need em that fuckin bad,cop here.

fuckin biters.

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