Thursday, September 03, 2009

I don't remember what I learned in school but I could tell you a story or two about Maia Campbell

Now when I awoke this morning to see her name as a tranding topic on Twitter, all the flashbacks came to my mind like I was in the fuckin vietnam war,but then I sat and laughed, I know that's fucked up but I couldn't help it yo,the sheer and utter fact that is 4 years ago in the summer of 2006, I ate,drank,smoked (weed) and almost got arrested for tresspassing with the one and only Maia Campbell. 

(Pictured here)

You might remember her from work such as the luckily 4 seasoned tv sitcom "In The House", the movie "Sprung", and two count em TWO Tyrese videos "Sweet Lady" and "Lately".
Back in the late 90's early 2000's Maia was the girl who you jacked off to,It was Tia and Tamera although Tia is lookin fine as ever,Maia was the one who you wanted to bust a nut to.
and then somehow someway it has come to the point where you wouldn't wanna bust a nut anywhere around her.


I was gonna change the names to protect the innocent but fuck it,We were all guilty as hell.
rewind to 4 years ago, summer of 06',Myself,Jelani,Falonious,and Robyn took a trip to our favorite place in the city ona tuesday night SHOES HOUSE @ the room,pretty much the only place in los angeles to hear detroit shit,complete wit performances by Frank N Dank,Illa J, and a grip of ther dope artists, so as the night is winding down we hit the enevitable Denny's,as were pulling in to park we notice a girl cross the street and then turn around and come back across to the street to where we are at.So we're kinda like "wow,she really crossed back across the street to talk to us,hmmmm" and quite redundatly she did,she asked us "Have you seen my friend?" and we was like "Nah,we just got here mama", and she then asked us if she could kick it wit us and eat, so we go in to denny's and we oder the food and I SWEAR in the back of my mind I said I know this girl from somewhere,I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I knew it was someone I had seen on either a movie or TV,cause she just had that look about her even tho she might have looked "crackish" at the time,but corntinuing on,we eating,cracking jokes and shit,askin questions, so I excuse myself to the restroom and as I'm comin out this nigga Jelani comes up to me and asks me,"You know who that is right" and idk how I knew what he was gonna ask me but I knew, and I said "hell yeah nigga,that's Maia Campbell yo" and we was flippin out.

So it was me,jelani,robyn,falonieous, and fuckin Maia Campbell ina fuckin green scion,lol,so we smash to what was told by her to be her parents house,frankly it could've been anyone's house but nigga we weren't gonna not go with her,nigga this Maia Campbell.Immediatly after we drop robyn off @ her house we go up the hill a good 20 minutes out and omg this house was fuckin huge,I mean real baller type shit,as we proceed to enter she tells us to make sure and be as quiet as possible cause her folks were sleepin,All good wit me, and we we went in to the backyard,now @ this point I was thinkin hmmm,"is she gonna pull her titties out now or later?",she didn't pull her titties out but we did kick it for a about a hour,now remind you it's 4 in the morning and this girl got us in her parents back yard and she is "crackish".All of a sudden the lights on the inside of the house come on and we all book ass out of there faster than a nigga @ a KKK bar mitsvah,I had honestly never been more scared in all my life.

Having lived thru this experience and looking back on what happened that evening,I sure do hope whatever she was on she seriously reconsider and get straight, I mean she once was the "IT" girl for urban media and film and now she's fallen victim to fame.

Now I know you're asking yourself,"did you get any of it on film?"

and the answer is no.

I mean you tell me, are you gonna attempt to film a c celeb w/ a potentially homicidal personality who was possibly under the influence of drugs?


I guess you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

-Corny Collins

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