Thursday, October 29, 2009

Look at you, you're a thought ghetto mess.

So I have the pleasure of being friends with this artist, straight from the so ruff so tuff streets of San Bernardino, Faimkills is not your average MC, when he spits, he recites the streets, he forms the ghetto into words with such force and fact that you have no choice but to listen to the world outside your window.

Featuring mc's Noa James, Jay Architect and with production from 2 of IE's finest, Curtiss King and The A3, this is sure to bump your thump just right.

His latest mixtape A Thought Ghetto Mess Tape is a perfect of his style; spontaneous, quick, and fresh, an admitted streetwear fanatic and and local Villain.

I once coined him the "Sam Sparro of the IE".

I was soooooo fucking wrong, He's the V of the IE.


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