Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nonstop bangin like a DILLA instrumental.

J Dilla......Forever you will be apart of me!


The discography of J Dilla (born James Yancey) is brief in time, but there's been a flood of testimonials to his brilliance and his untouchable status as your favorite producers favorite producer, but if those eulogies have enshrined Dilla as a minor deity to beat makers and 12-inch connoisseurs, then no doubt hes the type of god who is properly worshipped with drums, not hymns of praise.

I can remember the first time I ever heard one of Dilla's head nodding induced soul sonic sound, It was a beautiful day outside, I was 15, me and my brother phillip was chillin, sparked a blunt (I had to smoke, it's my brother ya'll) and he pulls out a cd called Fantastic Vol.2, he asks me If I ever heard of this group called Slum Village, I said "nah", so he puts the cd in and I was confused cause the intro had that alarm clock goin off and all off a sudden, BANG BAM BOOM!
I fell in love.
I had never heard such soul like that in my entire life.
You could feel every bassline, handclap, kick, snare, and hi-hat wit such pristine clarity and pitch, it was bliss.

get like me and TURN IT UP!

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