Monday, September 21, 2009

If you want it done,you gotta do it yourself.

Seeing how doesn't usually have the time to blog these anymore,once again I'ma pick it right back up where I left off.

This is the cupcake of the week.
perfect for any movie ever made these will fool even the smartest of people.
now I know cupcakes are spossed to be so girly and homo and all this bullshit.
but fellas if you remember anything I tell you remember this, chicks dig cupcakes.

They love em yo,it's just something about the size,texture,and the frosting also plays a major role,and I mean just look @ em,they're fucking sick as fuck.I mean imagine if you're at the drive in with your lady and you pop out a box of popcorn cupcakes,you're gonna get some,plain and simple.

these really take "cupcakin at the drive in"to a whole nother level.


cupcakes made up to look like popcorn,I flipped out when I seen these,it's ill how they used something as small as marshmallows to appear as kernals,very innovative indeed,I wonder if marissa ever tried to make these before.

I sure hope so cause they're dope.

peep game next week cause I got some Marie Calender's type jumpoffs to show you next week.

well kids,stay easy,never greasy.

-get like me.

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