Monday, September 21, 2009

You're such a heartbreaker.


Looks like a party goin's on.
and whatdayaknow,it's the homies!

my homegirls from Dimepiece Designs and the homies from Freshjive are bringing you "The Heartbreakers Night" for all the womanizers and jezebels out there tryna get they dirt in all by they lonely.

If you're a nice guy who's into respecting his girl.

this party is not for you.

Now on the other hand if you're all about lying,cheating, and gettin wit all her freinds on the low, Welcome Home mufucka.
Holding down the 1's and 2's resident Dj's Uome aka Eddie Funkster and Dubplate gon be puttin down those 80's jumpoffs,electro funk,boogie,and high engergy shit that get yo ass shakin and yo weave knocked loose.

Located @ cali's finest every thursday night @ Carbon lounge in Culver city,it's FREE.99,with full out cheap drinks and they givin out free shit.


I love free shit.

good times.

-get like me

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