Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You hear that,nah but do you hear that?


That's right ya'll we bringin ya'll another night of straight up hip hop goodness right from The Common Ground.
Celebrating the release of his new album Noa James' "Sounds of a Monster" is poised to be the most anticipated album of the year by a IE artist since his highly praised The Blanka EP.

As an artist and good friend of mine,I'm sure everyone will agree when asked about who really is holdin down IE hip-hop as a whole.

Also included in this joint venture is Rialto mc Artbarz,coming from the 909,I literaly live down the street from him yo,real talk,having recorded with him before,his style is one to look out for as far as being different and unique.
He is also celebrating the release of his new album "Dying to Live".
This is sure to be a night unforgotten.


Hosted by wordsmith Ramone Jones and beat afficiando Curtiss King.
Also adding to the line-up of performers we have also Mc's Royalty,The Realist,Architect,and Momentum.

and not withstanding a showcase of beats from my brown brother from anotha Jynxx aka J.Cunningham (1 1/2 of newly formed rhythm and blues duo The Black Brown Soul Revue)

Manning the decks,2 of the IE's funkiest set of dj's Ces't La Vie and cornBREEZE (hey,that's me,LOL)

As usual and always coming correct we have GLK Clothing/Glamtography (Glamorous Living Kids) and Cupcakes to Soften yo Hustle selling the illest gear for the average b-boy/b-girl as well as handling the flashing lights and neck sweets for all genders guaranteed to ease up the grind you're on.

Goin down from 7 - 12, this event is 18+.

Located at The Vibe in Riverside, with a $3 cover and cheap drinks all night,you can't beat that like Rhianna (Oooooh,ouch)

for the IE hip hop head this is heaven,you get to indulge yourself in dope music all the while havin a cupcake or two,while choppin it up wit the next big noisemakers in music and fashion.

-get like me


Noa James said...

good lookin on the blog

Noa James said...

good lookin on the blog